Integrated Solutions


We pride ourselves on being able to satisfy the requirements of insurers swiftly and effectively whatever they may be.

Our fraud platform is modular, which means we can offer you a bespoke solution whether it's a comprehensive fraud detection suite you need or just a bit of help with case management. All of our component modules interact with one another and can slot into your claims process wherever you need them to be. We can set up our platform to accommodate fraud scoring in real time or by batch, whichever best suits your workflow.

What's more, we're agile. Really agile. Our fastest deployment took less than four weeks end to end. We're always looking to move quickly because the sooner we can deploy the sooner you can begin to reduce your loss ratio. And should your requirements change we're fast to adapt.

Most important of all, thanks to the expertise of our infrastructure experts and hosting partners you can be certain that your data is both highly available and secure. Our failover features minimise the risk of downtime and our disaster recovery policies protect your data should the worst happen. We've ensured total compliance with auditing standards time and time again.

insurance fraud platform

Modular platform: Pick and choose the elements of our platform you need to help you combat fraud.

insurance fraud detection agile

Agile methodology: Our adaptive attitude to development means we deploy swiftly, update regularly and are flexible in response to change.

insurance fraud infrastructure

High availability: First-class infrastructure ensures your business-critical systems are available when you need them.

insurance fraud support

Comprehensive support: No matter what time or place, we're dedicated to keeping your user experience free from hassle.