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We're specialists in insurance fraud detection who thrive on using our expertise in data science and software development to help our customers. Our modular suite of applications is as flexible as it is powerful and can be used as a holistic fraud prevention platform or as a means of solving specific problems.


Our fraud detection applications put the power in your hands. We use the latest machine learning techniques to wring every last drop of insight from your data. You use our rules engine to add your knowledge and experience of your own customers.


We want to help insurance professionals make the best decisions, which means ensuring that the right people deal with the right investigations at the right time. Our case management modules offer you a structured environment to refine your workflow and manage your team's resources.


Identifying trends and characteristics of fraudulent behaviour often just isn't possible at the level of an individual policy, no matter how good your data is. Our fraud intelligence and link analysis applications help you to join the dots.


The modular design of our fraud platform allows us to provide bespoke solutions to insurers of all sizes. Our agile methodology means we can deploy swiftly and adapt to our clients' requirements in short order.


External investigation companies can be an invaluable resource for insurers in the fight against fraud. Our supplier management modules allow you to allocate cases to external investigators and keep track of their progress.


Need some advice or technical expertise in the area of insurance fraud detection? Our team has seen and done it all. We offer a range of consultancy services to benefit your organisation.


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