Case Management


Our case management system takes the pain out of planning and executing a successful fraud investigation.

Direct investigations to the right people, whether you choose to allocate cases yourself or let our auto-allocation engine assign them based on factors such as available capacity or optimal skill set.

Manage external contacts from specialist investigation companies to ombudsmen to litigators. 

Ensure compliance by maintaining a meticulous paper trail for each case, documenting activities and events as they are recorded.

Improve operational efficiency by giving your investigators instant access to the information they need to make better decisions. 

Like all our applications, our case management modules can be deployed on their own or as an integrated part of our wider offering.

insurance fraud case amanagement

FMS (Fraud Management System): Manage investigations throughout their life cycle in a clear, structured and fully-audited framework.

Insurance fraud investigations

Allocations Manager: Define investigation complexity and your team's skill sets. Specify how to allocate investigations automatically.