Fraud Intelligence


With our suite of intelligence applications your fraud team can exploit information which would not otherwise be available to them. Our modules will help you gain an edge in the battle against fraud by representing relationships between claims in this flexible and intuitive way.

Spot collusion and scams by using network visualisation to see how entities are connected to each other in a wider context. Navigate through these networks interactively and visualise them through time and on a map.

Export network information to other applications along with link analysis metrics such as centrality measures and the shortest path to fraud. 

Enrich the information available to you with external data from weather reports to location details to social media profiles.

Manage entities of interest and escalate risky cases in a structured and audited environment.

Like all of our applications, our fraud intelligence suite is fully modular and can communicate with other applications on their own terms. 

insurance fraud intelligence

Intelligence Support: Flag persons, policies and businesses of interest. Escalate claims where intelligence indicates fraudulent behaviour.

insurance fraud link analysis

Link Analysis: Visualise the elements of a claim and the network to which it belongs. Navigate the connections between people, vehicles, addresses and more.

insurance fraud network

Claim Radar: Search for comprehensive claim information according to your specified criteria.